The Good News of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection is a life-changing, world-changing power. Jesus has welcomed us into life with God by sending his Spirit to live inside of us. But we don’t always experience that reality in the daily grind of life. While we have good intentions, we often live disconnected from the hope of authentic transformation in our everyday thoughts, feelings, and actions.

But Jesus calls us to something better - the hope of real, comprehensive, permanent change through apprenticeship to Jesus. This invitation is what classical Christian authors have for centuries called "Spiritual Formation." Simply put, authentic change happens as we learn to Practice the Way of Jesus Together for the Life of the World.

Our hope with this series is to install a new “Spiritual Formation Operating System,” giving us the vision, language, tools, and practices to expand our capacity for real change with God, others, and ourselves. Ultimately, we hope that these eleven practices help you to complete a Spiritual Formation guide, which can be found below: