Slowing down to create space for regular rhythms of resting in God and His grace.


Practice Guide

Pastor Brandon Shields put together a four week guide to help our church learn about and implement a Sabbath Way of Life. This is a great resource for individuals, couples, Discipleship Groups, and MCs alike!


Pastors Brandon Shields, Bobby Barbour, Josh Stahley, and Kent Livingston sat down to discuss a Sabbath Way of Life. Listen in on their conversation about why the Sabbath is important and how they implement a Sabbath in their own lives.

Pastor Brandon Shields hosts a conversation with Ashley Buenger & Katie Mayes of Midtown to talk about their recent “Silent Retreat” experience.

Becky Baud & Ben Claywell share how the Sabbath Way of Life series has impacted them personally, and how they have implemented this spiritual practice into their daily lives.

Blog Posts

1) Austin & Adrienne Evans took the time to share their MC’s story of committing to Sabbath as a part of their regular rhythms:

“As a part of the Butler Tarkington missional community, many men and women within our group are leaders and influencers in their respective professional spheres. But MC quickly became just like all of the other mandatory events - checking the box, showing up tired and then moving onto the next thing. Even our MC, which is designed to be a place of rest, relaxation and richly doing life with one another - became a place where we all left feeling more drained and tired than when we first showed up.”

2) Elder Nate Dunlevy put together a blog post with some practical tips for practicing a Sabbath Way of Life:

“God has more for you. He wants more for you. He has richness and life and purpose at hand, ready to pour out on you. And all he wants you to do to experience it is...nothing. He is beckoning you into his rest, so you can lay down your work for a day and enjoy him, and enjoy his people, and enjoy yourself. God asks you to pause your creative work, just as he did, because you need to recreate. Do you see it there in the word? Re-create. Rest, recreation, Sabbath re-creates us as we are meant to be.”

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