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Practice Guide

Pastors Brandon Shields, Kent Livingston, Bobby Barbour, and Josh Stahley put together a four-week guide that walks us through different ways of reading and engaging with Scripture. This is a great resource for individuals, couples, discipleship groups, and MCs alike!


Pastors Brandon Shields, Bobby Barbour, Josh Stahley, and Kent Livingston sat down to discuss their hopes and visions for this series on Scripture. Listen in on their conversation about the relevance of Scripture to our modern lives.

Blog Posts

Jacob Orr, Soma’s summer intern, walks us through how to read narrative in the Bible:

We should ask the living God to prepare our hearts to receive what he would have for us. Reading scripture is not just an academic task; it is a spiritual one.

Rebecca Core, Soma Midtown’s Mercy Deacon, explores how viewing the Bible as a love letter can change how you interact with it:

The more you read the Bible, the more you can discern God’s voice in your life. God left us a love letter, but it’s more than just words on a page; it leads us into relationship with the author himself.

Drew Bogan, a covenant member at Soma, shares how Scripture was critical as he was coming to faith in Jesus:

I had made one professing Christian friend a few months before the funeral (God’s providence), and I sought her out. She loaded me up with books. I knew my long-time barber to be a Christian, and when I told him about my rebirth, he gave me a study Bible. I read voraciously. Knowing that God existed was exhilarating, but getting to know His nature and character added to the thrill.

Jacob Orr, Soma’s summer intern, returns to our blog to walk us through how to read the Psalms:

The Psalms are a beautiful part of the Bible that can give us language to address God with how we’re feeling, and it can help us understand the rest of our Bible. Hopefully, these tips will help you delight in God’s Word more and more.

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