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Justice &

Restoring people, places, and systems from hostility to harmony with God, others, and creation

Practice Guide

Pastors Brandon Shields, Kent Livingston, and Bobby Barbour put together a four-week guide that walks us through a gospel-centered approach to justice and reconciliation:


To discuss a topic as complex as justice & reconciliation, we need to agree on the definitions of certain terms and concepts. Check out our glossary for a full list of terms and definitions:


Interested in more resources as you expand your understanding of justice & reconciliation? Check out our list of recommendations:

Download a Free PDF of The Gospel in Color

For families with children of all ages, we would encourage you to download a FREE PDF copy of the book The Gospel in Color by Jarvis Williams and Curtis Cook. This book is an excellent introduction to the biblical story of race, ethnicity, the gospel, and reconciliation. Soma Church has purchased licenses for this material from the publishers, so please only use these for your family. Fill out the form below to download both the version for parents as well as the version for children.

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Check out our series of podcasts from members of our congregation reflecting on each week’s sermon.

Sermon Archive

Listen to audio tracks of Justice & Reconciliation sermons at all three of our churches:

Slide Decks

Click or tap the buttons below to download slide decks from sermons at Midtown over the course of this series.

Question Box

Have a question about justice and reconciliation? Fill out our form below. You have the option to ask it anonymously, in which case the question will be passed along to your MC leaders so it can be discussed safely in a group setting.


Sign Up for Be the Bridge

In October, we’ll continue the conversation on justice and reconciliation in small groups going through the Be the Bridge curriculum. Our racial reconciliation leaders will assign those who are interested to these groups and can help your group determine when and where to meet each week. If you’re interested in joining one of these groups, please fill out the form below no later than Tuesday, October 1.

NOTE: Soma Church will not use this information except to form these groups. After groups have been established, your information will be destroyed.