If you’re not a Christian, you may wonder why on Earth Christians make such a big deal of Jesus’ death. The founder of your religion was executed as a criminal two thousand years ago … so what?

And if you’re a Christian, you may have some idea why it’s important, but may wonder too. We believe that Jesus died under the punishment for our sins: that’s a good thing.

But is that all?

In our Lenten sermon series, we’re going to look at six ways Jesus’ death doesn’t just “mean something:” it redefines reality (there are way more). Looking only through the book of Romans, we’ll see how Jesus’ death highlights the attributes of God, creates our relationship with God, and changes the pattern of our lives. We’ll see how it does more than make us right with God: it shows us what it really means to be human.

Below the sermons are a few resources on Jesus’ death and the Christian life; there’s also an explanation of what the season of Lent is and why we observe it. We hope you join us for this rich, meaningful season!