At Soma Kids, we desire to glorify Jesus by serving the children, parents,
volunteers, church, and city God has set before us.

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As a Jesus-Glorifying Ministry, Soma Kids Will…

  • Encourage, support, and equip parents to fulfill their holy assignment of shepherding their children through loving care, training, coaching and resourcing so that parents feel confident, prepared and supported in discipling their children.

  • Provide red-carpet care to Soma’s families during services through well-organized and administered children’s ministry, and individualized attention to families so that parents are confident in entrusting their children to Soma Kids and allowed to peacefully engage in the service.

  • Model Christ to Soma’s children and ignite in them a gospel passion through exciting Bible teaching and engaging teachers so that they grow in their relationship with Christ.

  • Faithfully steward the volunteers of Soma Kids through collaborating, listening, training, coaching, resourcing, and attentive care so that they are prepared to serve Him with excellence.

  • Lead the church in the rescue of children in the greater Indianapolis area who are in need through sharing/connecting needs with the body of Soma, partnering with organizations and Soma members in their service so that the body will be thoroughly supported as they serve as the hands and feet of Jesus to our city’s children.

  • Hold up the arms of Soma staff families as they seek to balance family and ministry through personalized care, training, and resourcing so that Soma staff may thrive in their family life and ministry.

For Your Child’s Safety We…

  • Do background checks on all volunteers.

  • Have allergy alert stickers available at check-in.

  • Ask that when you check in your child for the first time, you provide emergency contact info and other important info that will help our volunteers know your child better.

  • Provide a security tag for your child and will ask for the parent’s portion of the security tag before releasing any child for check-out.

  • Require strict adherence to the Soma Kids’ bathroom procedures, which state “no child will be left alone with an adult anywhere.”

  • Have a female-only diaper changing policy.

Please note, our classrooms vary by congregation.
Click here to see what is available near you.

Are you interested in serving on our Soma Kids team? We are always in need of more volunteers. Please visit the “Serve” page to apply within your congregation.