Our large-scale Sunday gatherings are an important part of our weekly rhythm. However, our vision of the Christian life would be incomplete without our small-scale (10-20 people) weekday gatherings. At Soma, we call these missional communities (MCs). We establish MCs by geographical proximity first – to gather people who live close to one another, regardless of their age and life stage. We find this makes it easier for people to get to know one another and to live on mission for their neighborhood together. It is not a mandate, but it is our preference.

Our MCs are open to visitors and non-Christians. Newcomers are welcome to meet Soma folks who live nearby, see what it looks like for us to live the Christian life, and ask questions about Soma or about Christianity.

If you need help identifying which group might be best for you or if you have questions, contact Josh Stahley at josh@somaindy.com.




5pm | 56th & Emerson
Email Robin

5pm | 57th & Brockton
Email | Rachel


6:30pm | 52nd & Broadway
Email Tyra


6pm | 54th & Central
Email Dave

6:30pm 53rd & Guildford
Email Christa

6:30pm | 54th & Capitol
Email Carrie

6:30pm | 56th & Indianola (I)
Email Steph


6:30pm | 75th & Dean
Email Emily

6pm | Blue Ridge & Illinois
Email Adrienne

6pm | Kessler & Ralston
Email John

6:15pm | 56th & Indianola (II)
Email Emily

6:30pm | 52nd & Crittenden
Email Erin

6:30 p.m. | Laurel Hall Drive
Email Nolan



4pm | St. Clair Place
Email Bre

5pm | Herron-Morton
Email Rachel

5pm | Warren School District
Email Jeremy


7pm | 29th & Park
Email Kent

7pm | Holy Cross
Email Tanner

7pm | Brookside
Email Kylie


7pm | Fall Creek Place
Email Rachael

7pm | St. Clair Place
Email Kayla


6:30pm | Fountain Square
Email Mallary




6pm | 79th & Ditch
Email Bobby


6pm | 86th & Michigan
Email Andrew

6pm | Carmel Dr. & Keystone
Email Matt


6pm | 79th & Michigan
Email Nate