Soma Church's mission is to see the gospel change everything in our neighborhoods, in our city, and in our world. In our short seven years as a new church, we've had the opportunity to see significant change happen in our own neighborhoods and relationships. However, we know God's heart and calling for His people is for us to intentionally make disciples of ALL nations (Acts 1:8, Matthew 28:19-20). While many people from our church are currently supporting or serving as missionaries, we recognize that we need better structures and resources to set us up for the long-term viability.

Our prayer and desire with this year's Advent Offering is to collectively raise $30,000 ($17K from Midtown, $8K from Downtown, and $5K from Northwest) to facilitate opportunities for creative growth and development in this area as a church. Specifically, we envision this as "seed money" that we could use to accomplish the following objectives:

1) Increasing our Global Missions deacon fund that will help resource them with training, strategic planning, structure-building, and storytelling

2) Sending out and boldly funding missionaries to strategic areas

3) Organizing care and prayer teams that are available for communication and encouragement for the missionaries we send

4) Subsidizing the cost of mission trips that align with our vision and outcome

Here are some updates from our Soma Missionaries:

If you wish to contribute to the Advent Offering, please click on your congregation below and when prompted, select the “Advent” fund.