Learning to do good to others is part of the Christian life.

And just as Jesus himself came “not to be served, but to serve” (Mark 10:45), we want to follow his example in serving others as much as we’re able.

We know there are plenty of people out there to do good to: our family members, our coworkers, our neighbors. We also know that different people have different capacities for doing good to others, depending on their season of life. So there’s no prescribed pattern of service at Soma; we want to help people find the ways they can best serve others, both inside and outside the church.

So outside of your own family, here are areas where we encourage people to serve at Soma:

1. Serve your neighbors.

Our philosophy of community includes gathering people together by geography – in part to make it easier for them to meet, but also to make it easier for them to serve their neighbors. All our Missional Communities (MCs) have service wired into their natural rhythms; we encourage them to get involved with their neighbors both as groups and as individuals.

Go to the MC page to find the group nearest you.

2. Serve your church.

Soma gatherings literally could not happen without the massive amount of volunteering our people do on Sundays and through the week. Volunteers do all kinds of things: they take care of your kids, make your coffee, set up your chairs, and run A/V.

We’re always in need of more!

If you’d like to serve at Midtown, email Grant.
If you’d like to serve at Downtown, email Ta’Sean.
If you’d like to serve at Northwest, email Bobby.

See the full list of service opportunities here.

3. Serve your city.

Soma also has a number of ministry partners alongside whom we serve Indy. This happens both through our MCs, who have adopted a ministry partner each, and through our Community Development ministry, headed up by Phil Edwards. Check out our Community Development page to find out more about our partners and their work!