2815 E. 62nd Street, Indianapolis

9 Am

Childcare available for infants through pre-K.

11 AM

Childcare available for infants through 5th grade.


2325 E New York St, Indianapolis

9 AM

Childcare available for infants through 3rd grade.

11 AM

Childcare available for infants through 5th grade.



Launching September 10, 2017

2811 Barnard St, Indianapolis

10 am



(No. You don't have to act like you have it all together.)

Diverse MusiC / structured LITURGY

When you visit, you’ll notice that our service is a little more structured than most nondenominational churches. You'll also notice the music is as diverse as our congregation, ranging from classic hymns to foot-stomping, soul-inspired jazz with plenty of get-up and go. All of this is intentional; we practice rhythms deeply rooted in the historic Church but also relevant to our time and place.

Explore arts and music or learn about our liturgy

Wear what makes you comfortable

Sunday mornings are pretty informal and casual. It's kind of like a family reunion. Some people are slightly dressed up, some aren't. One of our elders – not naming names – shows up in a Reds jersey through the summer months and a Colts jersey for fall (and hopefully deep into the winter). 

Whether you're a skeptic, seeker, doubter, or believer, we hope you'll find our church to be a place where you can authentically engage the claims and people of Jesus.


Both congregations have classes for children up through 5th grade. 
We have specialized teachers and classes for elementary-age children during the service time. We have age-appropriate activities and lessons as well as playtime for Soma Kids. Some parents take their kids to the classrooms at the beginning of service; others have their kids in service for the singing portion and send them to classes before the sermon begins.

From 6th grade on, we encourage families to worship together
After 5th grade, we believe children are old enough to worship and hear teaching together with their parents, so we encourage families to worship together from that age on.

More information for parents here.


We call what we do on Sunday “Sunday gathering,” because we believe Christian community isn’t just a weekly event. Our weekday gatherings are just as important a part of our community, and just as important a part of participating in Soma life. Our Missional Communities (MCs) are just as open to newcomers, skeptics, or visitors as our Sunday gatherings are.

We prefer our MCs to be organized geographically; visit the MC page to find one near you, or email Josh Stahley at  josh@somaindy.com if you have questions.