This is the page where we'll host audio, video, and photo galleries for Soma stories - each link below goes to a unique gallery, because we don't want our pages to have hour-long load times!

As we have new stories to tell, we'll upload more galleries!

We have an incredible set of volunteers who have contributed to this gallery; their names are at the bottom of this page.

Soma Community Milestones

Marv and Cathy Gilbert's 50th wedding anniversary

Soma Downtown Launch Sunday | September 2015

All-Congregational Gatherings

All-Congregational Gathering | August 2017

All-Congregational Gathering | January 2017

All-Congregational Gathering | September 2016

All-Congregational Gathering | January 2016

Soma Events

Soma Midtown Easter Egg Hunt 2017

Merciful Conference with Dr. Carl Ellis | October 2016

Soma Downtown Easter Egg Hunt 2016

The Talk | February 2016

Creative Series

Holy Week 2017 meditations

Sermon Series

Generosity: The Good Life | Winter 2016

Advent 2016

Volunteers who have made this possible:

  • Tara Gornik
  • Tanner Halbig
  • Brandon Lowry
  • Anthony McDaniel
  • Melissa Neel
  • Tessa Tillett
  • Cara Zimmerman