Soma loves kids and families

In short, we love having families at our church – noisy, maybe smelly kids included. Parenting can be overwhelming; the idea of bringing kids to church can raise cold sweat on a parent’s brow. This page is to reassure you that we want you and your kids – your raucous, misbehaving kids – here at Soma. 

The mission of Soma Kids is:

  • To empower our parents to disciple their children at home during the week

  • To teach the Bible as God’s Word

  • To provide the best care possible for our children

  • To be hospitable to our children and parents

  • To provide a safe and secure environment for our children to learn and grow on Sundays

Visiting Soma Kids on Sunday morning

Soma Kids provides opportunities for children from birth through 5th-grade during the morning services. You’re welcome to use those services if you like; or if you prefer to have your kids in worship with you, plenty of our families do that too!

Each Soma congregation has a clearly identified area where parents can check in their kids before each service begins.

Parents will receive a security tag and a nametag with their child’s name (ideally placed on the child’s back). 

This tag is required to check your kids out of Soma Kids; please keep your portion with you. 

Infants and toddlers can be dropped off in the nursery upon your arrival. 
We encourage children three years of age and older to join their parents for the singing and prayer time at the beginning of the service; before the sermon begins, they’ll be sent to their respective classrooms.

If you arrive after the kids were dismissed, you can go straight to check-in; we’ll have someone waiting there to help you!

For your child’s safety and your peace of mind we...

  • Do background checks on all volunteers.

  • Have allergy alert stickers available at check-in.

  • Ask that when you check-in your child for the first time, you provide emergency contact info and other important info that will help our volunteers know your child better.

  • Provide a security tag for your child, and ask for the parent’s portion of the security tag before releasing any child for check-out.

  • Require strict adherence to the Soma Kids bathroom procedures, which state “no child will be left alone with an adult anywhere.”

  • Require anyone entering the children’s ministry to show their security tag to a security volunteer.

  • Have a female-only diaper changing policy.

Child dedication at Soma

We don't baptize infants at Soma; but we do see child dedication as a way to support our families. Click here to find out more about child dedication at Soma.