Soma Downtown Launch Sunday

September 13th at 9 and 11 am | Westminster Services Center, 2325 E New York St

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On September 13th Soma Downtown will launch in the near eastside of Indianapolis. We’re sending close to a quarter of our people away to the new congregation, creating a huge vacuum not only in attendance but also in Midtown volunteers. Sound a little crazy? It does to us, too. So we want to share two reasons why we see this multiplication as central to our vision, and we want to let you know how you can help us make this transition well.

Why is downtown important?

The first reason we think establishing a downtown congregation is important is that missional impact and accessibility go hand in hand. This is especially true of urban areas, in which – by choice or necessity – people tend to be most affected by what is closest to them. If you’re in an MC, you’ve probably noticed this already: it’s easiest for you to influence the people who live right around you. Because we want to see the kingdom of Jesus grow downtown, we need more than communities that gather nearby: we need a Sunday gathering people can reach easily.

The second reason is that multiplication is essential not only to our ministry vision, but also to our health as a church. You can see it in Acts: God’s kingdom is designed to grow. When God is present in a people, they grow both in depth and in breadth; and a major missional strategy in Acts was the planting of new congregations.

But we also see multiplication as healthy for us. The gravitational pull of churches – both old and new – is for the church itself to become the mission, to pull resources and time and sweat into itself. But following that drive tends to lead to stagnation. We’re not the mission; we’re on mission in the city and the world. We want our MCs to multiply, and we want our congregations to multiply, for our own health as a church.

Here’s how you can help.


More than anything else, we need God’s Spirit to see this church take root and grow. Please pray that the people involved will be filled with God’s Spirit and drawn to worship him. Pray that we’d love our neighbors well, seeking God’s glory and their good over our own. Pray find favor in the downtown neighborhoods we’re trying to reach, so that people will hear the good news of the kingdom. And pray that God would provide the resources – budget, systems, and everything else – we need to see this congregation flourish.


Even if you’re not interested in becoming a permanent part of Soma Downtown, we’d love to have you visit us and check it out! Email Kent Livingston at or Joseph Rhea at to find our location and service time.

Stand the Gaps

Like we said above, sending so many people downtown creates huge gaps in our volunteer base. We’d love for more midtowners to flow in behind our leaving volunteers so that the ministries of midtown can keep flourishing as well!

Andrew Morrison manages our volunteers, email him at if you’re interested and he can tell you what we need!