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The wilderness is a world of uncertainty. A world without comfort, tradition, or even the rule of law, with no established norms and no safety net. Any decision could mean life or death; every choice is an act of faith.

The wilderness is the world of Genesis 12-50.

When God calls Abram, the first patriarch, he calls Abram away from city and family and prosperity into the wilderness. He calls them to a life of insecurity, knowing that they’ll struggle and fail; but in his grace, he teaches them to walk through the wilderness with faith in him.

The story of Genesis 12-50 isn’t just the story of the founding of our faith; it’s also the story of a God who meets struggling, insecure, sinful people in a hard world and carries them with his grace. It’s a story of how, even in a world that offers no comfort or guide, we can trust a God who enters the wilderness with us.

February 5 | Genesis 11:27-12:9

February 12 | Genesis 13

February 19| 

February 26 |

March 5 | Genesis 15

March 12 | Genesis 16

March 19 | Genesis 17:1-21

March 26 |

We were not able to post a Midtown recording from this week. However, the Vision sermon for Downtown below is the same sermon that was preached at Midtown this Sunday.

April 2 |

April 9 | Genesis 18:16-33

April 16 | Easter

April 23 | Genesis 22:1-19

April 30 | Genesis 25:19-34

May 7 | Genesis 28:10-22

May 14 | Genesis 29

May 21 | Genesis 32:22-32

May 28 |

June 4 |

June 11 |

June 18|

June 25 |