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When you hear that a church community is supposed to be a family, what comes to mind?

Is it along the line of warmth, security, closeness?

Or more like awkwardness, conflict, emotional baggage?

When we look at early Christian communities in the Bible, we see both. In the early decades after Jesus' death and resurrection, we see communities that have both incredible closeness and deep conflict. Warmth and awkwardness. Stability and emotional landmines.

In other words, we see families rather than country clubs or hobby groups.

The potential tensions and difficulties of Christian community can make us want to hold it at arms' length (especially if we've experienced a toxic community in the past). But if we're willing to face the difficulties, community can offer the rich benefits of a family too.

In this sermon series, we'll explore what it means to be brought into God's family, in all the glory and awkwardness that goes with it. We'll see how living into the "family" of Christian community is the way to thrive, and we'll talk about making community work when things get tough.