If you flip to a random page in a Bible, what do you think you're most likely to find? A list of rules to follow? A systematic collection of "this is true, this is false?"

Odds are, open a random page of the Bible and you'll find yourself in the middle of a story.

As much as (or maybe more than) anything else, the Bible is the story of God creating a beautiful world, humans messing it up, and God working out a plan to restore that beauty in the midst of brokenness and ruin. The Bible - and all the history it tells - are an unfolding narrative, not just a random sequence of events.

The book of Genesis is the beginning of that story.

The first chapters of Genesis contain threads and themes and seeds that are developed over the thousands of years following them, both in the Bible and in the world. Here we find essential truths about the nature of the world, the nature of human life, and the plan God has for history. This is such a fundamental place to understand life that we're going to spend a few months just on Genesis 1-11, and get to the rest of the story in early 2017.

(resources can be found below)

Genesis Resources:

Genesis: a Commentary by Bruce Waltke and Cathi Fredericks

Genesis in Space and Time by Francis Schaeffer

40 Questions about Creation and Evolution by Kenneth Keathley and Mark Rooker

Redeeming Science by Vern Poythress

"Creation, Evolution, and Christian Laypeople" by Tim Keller (article)

Note: series art was heavily inspired by Spanish artist Raul Lazaro!