Advent (from the Latin for "arrival") is the season in the Christian calendar where we focus on Jesus’ birth, or his “arrival” into the world. For centuries, Jewish believers longed for God to send the king who would make all things right. Christianity is based on the belief that Jesus is that king, though his kingdom is not yet finished.

Advent is a season of celebration, because that king has come. All the lights and festivities and family time associated with Christmas today are part of that.

But it’s also a season of longing, because - as anyone who’s experienced Christmas after a painful loss knows - the joyful nature of the season can make pain stand out in even more relief. We’re still waiting for the kingdom to come - still waiting for the world to be made right - so we look forward to when the work started at Jesus’ birth will be finished.

You can find out more about our Advent Offering here.

For this year's sermons, we're teaching through the "mothers of Jesus" - the women identified in Jesus' genealogy in Matthew 1. Matthew goes out of his way to reference four women whose stories show the world's hunger for God's kingdom; we want to explore these stories on Sunday mornings.

November 27 | Tamar

December 4 |

December 11 |

December 18 |

We weren't able to preach on Bathsheba, mother of Solomon - the fifth woman in the genealogy - but Soma member Ashley Buenger wrote this story imagining Bathsheba's relationship with David and her son, Solomon. Take into mind the nature of the Bathsheba story, if need be; but enjoy!