Our country uses February to observe Black History Month - a deliberate time to focus on the history and social contributions of African-Americans.

This is a good thing, but - as we lay out in our 2017 Elder Priority - our goal is to see people of all races not just respecting one another, but reconciled to one another in Christ.

To that end, we're taking February not only to help our people understand some of the specific social and spiritual dynamics that affect cross-cultural relationships, but also to provide tools to help you take steps toward deeper friendships with people of different ethnic backgrounds.

Below are resources of different kinds - cultural, historical, artistic, practical - that give light to some of these issues and offer paths toward healthy conversations. Our prayer is that we can push through tokenism to see our Sunday gatherings, our dinner tables, and our living rooms reflect the beautiful diversity of God's Kingdom.

Have a Conversation

Be the Bridge is an excellent source of practical resources on conversations about race and race relations!

Getting Started

Going Deeper

Artistic Resources