Missional Communities

Region Location Day Time Contact
Midtown 71st and Binford (I) Wednesday 6:30p ebissett17@gmail.com
Midtown 71st and Binford (II) Sunday 4p traci.stahley@gmail.com
Midtown 61st and Primrose Ave Tuesday 6:30p samantha.ringo65@gmail.com
Midtown Blue Ridge and Illinois Wednesday 6p adriennenichole87@gmail.com
Midtown 54th and Central Tuesday 6p jwebsternp@gmail.com
Midtown 46th and Kenwood Tuesday 5:30p ashley.buenger@gmail.com
Midtown 56th and Emerson Sunday 5p robin@somaindy.com
Midtown 56th and Indianola (I) Tuesday 6:30p caitlin.alyssa.crow@gmail.com
Midtown 56th and Indianola (II) Wednesday 6:30p emilycfalls@gmail.com
Midtown 52nd and Crittenden Wednesday 6:30p erinlanningtaylor@gmail.com
Midtown 53rd and Guilford Tuesday 6:30p christa@somaindy.com
Midtown 39th and Park Sunday 5p jeffreylballard@gmail.com
Carmel 116th and Keystone Wednesday 6p matthewpsimpson@gmail.com
Downtown 19th and Park Wednesday 7p robert.greg.lyon@gmail.com
Downtown 29th and Park Tuesday 6:30p kent@somaindy.com
Downtown St. Clair Place (Beville) Sunday 4p joseph@somaindy.com
Downtown St. Clair Place (Keystone) Wednesday 7p david.webb92@gmail.com
Downtown Holy Cross Tuesday 7p tanner.halbig@orrfellowship.org
Downtown Herron-Morton Sunday 4p rachel@somaindy.com
Northwest 79th and Michigan Rd Thursday 6p ndunlevy@gmail.com
Northwest 79th and Ditch Rd Tuesday 6p chris@somaindy.com
Northwest 86th and Michigan Rd Wednesday 6p andrewhhughes@gmail.com
Eastside Warren Sunday 5p dseibel490@students.sbts.edu