Our large-scale Sunday gatherings are important for being part of the body of Soma. But just as important to our vision of the Christian life are our small-scale (10-20 people) weekday gatherings, which we call missional communities (MCs).

MCs are the primary vehicle for…

1. Discipleship – The process of learning to follow Jesus in relationship with others

2. Care – Having your spiritual and physical needs met by Soma

3. Mission – Engaging the world around you with the gospel of Jesus

We establish MCs by geographical proximity first – to gather people who live close to one another, regardless of their age and life stage. We find this makes it easier for people to get to know one another and to live on mission together. That’s not a mandate, but it’s our preference.

Guests are welcome to visit MCs at any time.

Our MC's are also open to visitors and non-Christians. Newcomers are welcome to meet Soma folks who live nearby, see what it looks like for us to live the Christian life, and ask questions about Soma or about Christianity.

If you need help identifying which group might be best for you or have questions, contact Josh Stahley at josh@somaindy.com.


Find a Missional Community

Region Location Day Time Contact
Midtown 71st and Binford (I) Wednesday 6:30p ebissett17@gmail.com
Midtown 71st and Binford (II) Sunday 4p traci.stahley@gmail.com
Midtown 61st and Primrose Ave Tuesday 6:30p samantha.ringo65@gmail.com
Midtown Blue Ridge and Illinois Wednesday 6p adriennenichole87@gmail.com
Midtown 54th and Central Tuesday 6p jwebsternp@gmail.com
Midtown 46th and Kenwood Tuesday 5:30p ashley.buenger@gmail.com
Midtown 56th and Emerson Sunday 5p robin@somaindy.com
Midtown 56th and Indianola (I) Tuesday 6:30p caitlin.alyssa.crow@gmail.com
Midtown 56th and Indianola (II) Wednesday 6:30p emilycfalls@gmail.com
Midtown 52nd and Crittenden Wednesday 6:30p erinlanningtaylor@gmail.com
Midtown 53rd and Guilford Tuesday 6:30p christa@somaindy.com
Midtown 39th and Park Sunday 5p jeffreylballard@gmail.com
Carmel 116th and Keystone Wednesday 6p matthewpsimpson@gmail.com
Downtown 22nd and Delaware Wednesday 7p rachael86holliday@gmail.com
Downtown 29th and Park Tuesday 6:30p kent@somaindy.com
Downtown St. Clair Place (Beville) Sunday 4p jingo@somaindy.com
Downtown St. Clair Place (Keystone) Wednesday 7p david.webb92@gmail.com
Downtown Holy Cross Tuesday 7p tanner.halbig@orrfellowship.org
Downtown Herron-Morton Sunday 4p rachel@somaindy.com
Downtown Fountain Square Thursday 6:30p mallary.pittman@gmail.com
Northwest 79th and Michigan Rd Thursday 6p ndunlevy@gmail.com
Northwest 79th and Ditch Rd Tuesday 6p chris@somaindy.com
Northwest 86th and Michigan Rd Wednesday 6p andrewhhughes@gmail.com
Northwest 61st and Manning Tuesday 6p jackieobold@gmail.com
Eastside Warren Sunday 5p dseibel490@students.sbts.edu