We love our city – we love its restaurants, its parks, its concert venues. And if you’re new to the city, we’d love to help you get to know Indy as well as get to know us.

Below is a list of our Missional Communities (MCs), which are organized mainly by geography. The contact person for each of those MCs would love to help you get connected into community at Soma; they’d also happily help you find good restaurants, nightlife spots, or family activities around you as well.

a concierge to their region of Indy.

Shoot them an email to introduce yourself and get to know us better!


Location: 97th and Keystone

Contact: jmemccord@yahoo.com



Location: 71st and Binford

Contact: jccollord@gmail.com


Location: 61st & Primrose Ave.

Contact: ajherr01@gmail.com


Location: 67th and College

Contact: jemayes@gmail.com


Location: 56th and Indianola

Contact: jbjenn01@gmail.com


Location: Blue Ridge and Illinois (Butler-Tarkington)

Contact: loweryjw@gmail.com



Location: 19th and Park Ave.

Contact info: robert.greg.lyon@gmail.com


Location: Wheeler Arts Center

Contact: trevor@somaindy.com


Location: 29th and Park Ave.

Contact: kent@somaindy.com


Location: Fountain Square

Contact: david.webb92@gmail.com


Northwest Indy
Location: 79th & Michigan Road

Contact: andrewhhughes@gmail.com


Location: 79th & Ditch Road

Contact: christianbrogers@gmail.com