Here at Soma, we believe that the gospel changes everything. The gospel gives us a new identity, forms us into a new community, and calls us into a new mission. Discipleship is the process of learning to live out the reality of the gospel in every area of life. 

One of the ways that we do that is through discipleship groups. These are groups of a few men or a few women who meet throughout the week to study the Bible, pray, and help each other to become more like Jesus. 

The primary way to connect to a Discipleship Group is through a Missional Community. We encourage you to explore that avenue first. At the same time, we recognize that schedules and other life situations can sometimes make it difficult to connect to an MC. 

If you would like help connecting with a discipleship group, please complete this Discipleship Interest Form. This will enable us to connect you with the group that best serves your needs.