Holy Week: View of the Point

By Em Bricker: "View of the Point."

For this year's Holy Week, we've had Soma artists create meditations based on Jesus' "Seven Last Words" - seven statements the Bible records Jesus saying during his crucifixion.

Is it our view of the point
or the point of view that matters?
in our best attempts at good
we shred the world in tatters
cuz’ no matter if we’re orphans,
saints, liars or ISIS
the human eye can’t perceive
the vast extent of our vices.
the damage ain’t done,
it’s doing, doing,
spewing consequences far
outside of our viewing
but in hindsight we point the finger away
say “they were to blame!”
like we aren’t capable of the same thing

we’re doin’ the right thing

we’re doin’ the right thing

we’re doin’ the right thing, they said
as they thrust the crown of thorns
on God’s head.
navel-gazin’ eyes raised just high
enough to see him
on a chopped-up-tree-turned-crucifix
turned God’s new paradigm of freedom
while these pride-drunk soldiers
lickin’ soul-wounds
exposed the heart of humankind,
a portrait of depravity
‘neath the shadow of the divine
innocent convict hung high
on the brink of extinction
breathin’ deep of the lingerin’
vinegar concoction he’d been drinkin’
then the phrase that grazed his lips
revealed the sole omniscient point of view:

Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.

they know not what they do

they know not what they do

the King of the Jews,
mutilated and scorned
adorned with whip-slashes
and deep gashes they’d torn,
fresh wounds bore the story
of rebellion and disease
affliction and wrath,
poured out to appease
not from without
but deep from within
for the climax of creation
now soiled with sin
and in this dark hour,
our redemption in mind,
a cry reached the heavens
from the man who would die
for us
who would buy
make propitiation
for us.

then as God Almighty
turned his face
forsaking the Christ
for us to embrace
he answered the prayer
and extended his grace
forgiveness is ours,
come see and taste.

Em's piece is based on the Word "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."

Image: Caravaggio, "The Crowning with Thorns"