Meet Rick Tryon

Seeing someone baptized is one of the greatest privileges we have as a church. We love seeing someone move from spiritual death to spiritual life in Jesus; we also love seeing people make a public affirmation of their relationship with God, so that we can welcome them fully into our community.

We baptized Rick Tryon at Soma Downtown a few Sundays ago, and we wanted to share his story with everyone.

C. S. Lewis once remarked that God is not the sort of thing one can be moderately interested in. After all, if God does not exist, there's no reason to be interested in God at all. On the other hand, if God does exist, then this is of paramount interest, and our ultimate concern ought to be how to be properly related to this being upon whom we depend moment by moment for our very existence.

My whole life I’ve known about God, but for the majority of it I was only moderately interested in him. I know that all of the people who love and care about me (especially my parents) hoped and prayed that I would build a personal and fully committed relationship with Christ as I grew up. The seed was planted early on, but it wasn’t until I finished college that God’s message started getting through to me and that seed grew.

After several months in the “real world,” I felt that something was missing. I was discontent and restless. I tried to fill the void by buying all kinds of new things, partying, and pursuing fleeting pleasures; but the void always remained. Finally, thanks in part to that seed planted by my upbringing and also to what I can only describe as God’s calling, I began seeking a church and learning more about Christ.

My relationship with Christ was fast-tracked when I finally hit a breaking point in my attempts to create contentment. I realized my way was not going to cut it, no matter how hard I tried. It was at this point that I surrendered everything to Christ and decided to follow him. I went from being moderately interested in making a relationship with him to pursuing him fervently.

From that point forward, I began to see God’s hand at work in my life - in the past and present. I put my trust in him. I have had highs and lows, twists and turns, and a ton of growth and learning. As I have pursued Christ and his guidance I have found contentment, peace, and purpose rather than the discontentment, turmoil, and aimlessness that prevailed before.

A new chapter of my life started when God led me to Soma and I moved downtown. I found belonging that I have never experienced before in the church and my missional community, and my faith became even stronger. A longtime prayer of mine was to find community and purpose within the church body, and I can say that my prayer has been answered. My baptism today is my declaration and confirmation that I am committed to Christ and so very thankful for all that he has done and continues to do for me and for all of us. I commit to a life lived for Christ and hope that I can help others find the same purpose and belonging he has led me to.