Soma's core priorities for 2016

Each year, Soma’s elders get away for a time of prayer, reflection, and dreaming. Honestly, it’s one of the most life-giving times of the year for me. I deeply love the men I serve with, and I love the conversations we have about what could and should be as we beg God to bring his kingdom in Indy as it is in heaven.

As a part of our annual rhythm, we take time to ask the question, “Where do we sense the Holy Spirit leading us to press in more intentionally in the pursuit of our vision to see the gospel of Jesus change Indianapolis?” Our desire isn’t to create a bunch of vapid goals or resolutions; it’s to shape our prayers and focus our energies as a family of neighborhood churches. To give special effort to a few core priorities that we feel need special attention in the coming season.

One of the most common refrains we hear in our membership interviews and conversations with visitors is, “What’s next for Soma? Where are we heading as a church? How can I use my gifts, capacities, and callings to advance the mission?” These priorities will hopefully provide clarity for those of you who are new to our church, and give a needed reminder for those of us old-timers who’ve been around since the early days (four years seems like a lifetime in a startup!).

Our hope is that we as a body will boldly own, pray for, reflect on, imagine what could be, collaborate on, and celebrate the following four core priorities for 2016.

1. Developing Leaders

We want to create an intentional process for releasing a movement of self-aware servants to the church and the city.

2. Empowering Women

We want to make space for women to flourish as significant leaders and disciples in God's kingdom, our church, and the city.

3. Connecting Faith & Work

We want to equip people to serve creatively, faithfully, and soulfully in their vocations.

4. Sharing the Gospel

We want to help people joyfully and confidently share the person of Jesus with family, neighbors, and co-workers.

And if Soma is your church home, we’d ask you to consider:

How can you step into one of these four priorities as a spiritual entrepreneur this year? How could Indianapolis, and more specifically your neighborhood, look different as a result of these longings becoming realities this year?