For us, membership is the visible sign of a person committing to a local church body. Throughout the Bible, God doesn't just bring individual people to himself; he also brings them into deep, meaningful, committed relationships with one another too. Our grapevine icon symbolizes that, for any individual grape to mature to the sweetness it should have, it has to be connected to a vine.

Whether you're brand new or have been here for months, whether "membership" sounds exciting to you or appalling, we'd invite you to consider taking steps to investigate it further.

Step 1: Attend a soma Dna course

If you've already gotten to know us a little bit and want to know more - even if you're checking out Christianity at the same time you're checking out our church - we'd invite you to attend a Soma DNA course. These classes walk through the doctrine, mission, and practices of Soma, as well as our vision for the Christian life. This is the best way to really find out who we are and see if you’d want to belong here.

Going through Soma DNA doesn’t obligate you to become a member; but it is the first step in the process!

Check here for the next upcoming Soma DNA class and find out how to register.

Step 2. Membership interview

If you attend Soma DNA and want to go forward toward membership, you'll be invited to sit down with a Soma leader for a brief interview.

Don’t be intimidated; this is a time for us to draw near to hear your story and answer any remaining questions you may have about life in our church family.

Step 3. Finalizing the process

Once you’ve completed your interview, we’ll talk over any final steps in the membership process. This could involve things like joining a missional community, getting onto a service team, or being baptized.

Step 4. Member Vows

After all this is done, we’ll invite you come up front on a Sunday morning, take our membership vows, and be welcomed by the congregation!