Soma Church is an interdenominational family of neighborhood churches with a vision to see the gospel of Jesus renew Indianapolis – beginning with us, and expanding outward into our families, neighborhoods, networks, industries, and ultimately the world. Although we are an independent, autonomous church, we partner with four national networks for resources, coaching, accountability, and mission: the Southern Baptist ConventionSojourn NetworkFellowship Associates, and the Summit Network.

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Our Name

The New Testament is filled with rich metaphors describing the countercultural community of people who have been transformed by the gospel of grace. One of the most frequent designations for this community is the Greek word Soma, which simply means “body.”

Soma Church seeks to embody the person of Jesus Christ to Indianapolis, displaying the riches of God’s grace to our great city in both word and deed. We also desire to be family to one another as we love, serve, forgive, engage, pray, and pursue God’s glory and our joy in a deep community of faith.

Our Story

Beginning in March 2012, a small group of families, college students, and young adults began meeting in a living room on the north side of Indianapolis. Our vision from the beginning has been to “see the gospel of Jesus change everything” – us, our neighborhoods, the Indy metro area, and ultimately the entire world.

Soma began meeting in July 2012 on Sunday evenings in a small church building in Midtown. We met at a few other locations in 2013 including the Speakeasy, The Oaks Academy, and the Indianapolis Art Center.  In February of 2014 we purchased and moved into the Muirfield Building at 2815 E 62nd Street. Recently, Soma planted a second congregation in Downtown Indy so that we could better serve the needs of this strategic part of the city. God’s grace has been poured out generously as we’ve seen lives changed and people stirred to be a renewing presence to the city of Indianapolis. We pray that you’ll consider joining our movement of disciples, family, and missionaries who live for the glory of God and the good of our city.

To see specific things we've had to celebrate over the years, you can download our Annual Reports:

Our Gospel DNA

Our Gospel DNA takes the beliefs of our statement of faith and applies them into our specific context: our desire to be a church for the city of Indianapolis. These core passions define what makes Soma Soma: they reflect the culture, ethos, and practices we wish to embody in every expression of our church.

Gospel Identity

We believe that the good news of Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection is the greatest and most powerful story ever told. Therefore, we will strive to make the gospel story the center of all we believe, teach, and practice.

Intentional Community

The Bible is the story of God forming a new humanity that lives distinctively as a “city within a city.” Therefore, we will intentionally seek to reorient the rhythms of our lives around others in the body so that we might experience authentic community and growth in grace.

Holistic Mission

We desire to be a missional people that reflect the purposes of a missional God. As transformed people whose lives have been deeply impacted by the gospel, we will live as missionaries who extend the message and mercy of Christ in our workplaces, neighborhoods, families, and the nations. We will leverage our gifts, resources, and “social capital” to generously serve and bless our city through deeds of mercy and justice, especially to the poor.